11 June 2019
Medals in any colour

Full-colour medals – originality expressed by colours

Innovative solutions: unique shapes, the combination of various materials, original printing or unusual mixture of colours can make the medal impressive. Moreover, the event will long […]
30 May 2019
Original running medals

Remarkable medals for runners – some inspiration for a new season

The running season has already started and every day you may find a new sports event in a calendar for running lovers. When they cross the […]
11 April 2019

Reorder medals – reduce unnecessary costs

Ordering medals for competitions is connected with costs that are worth reducing, especially in case of big events. You are organising an event and expecting a […]
11 April 2019
5 ideas for cycling medals

5 ideas for cycling medals

Do you organise an event for enthusiasts of two wheels? Do you look for original cycling medals? We have something special for you – we have […]
5 February 2019
Metal medals Bydgoszcz Birthday Run 2018

3,000 original sports medals for Active Bydgoszcz

We have provided Active Bydgoszcz with 3,000 original sports medals (1,500 for Bydgoszcz Birthday Run and 1,500 for Bydgoszcz Independence Run). Modern medals delight with their […]
13 March 2018
Medals spatial texturing

Spatial texturing – new technology of Modern Forms

Owing to dedicated efforts and creativity as well as ingenuity of our specialists from Research and Development Department (R+D) we have created a new technique that […]
13 March 2018
Creating unique medals

Our graphic designers are creating unique medals

We believe you are looking for the producers of medals as well as designers. You have an idea, and you know what your medal should look […]
31 January 2018
Medals by category from Modern Forms

Sport medals by category

You are organising a large or small sport event and you will need 500 pcs. or 50 pcs. of medals. However, there will be some categories, […]
31 January 2018
Medals for a good price—Arasmus Run

Medals for every budget

Have you already spent a lot of money for your event? However, you still haven’t got sport medals. What is more, you want unique and affordable […]