1How can I place an order?

An order should be placed by email: contact@medals24.com

2What information should I provide to place an order?

There are 2 steps: quotation and order.

In order to receive a price quote, please provide the following information:

  • Contact details (e-mail, phone no.)
  • Size of the order (the quantity of medals)
  • Information about the medals (description, photo, or drawing) and any graphic elements you want to incorporate (such as text, logotypes, photos, names, etc.)
  • Additional elements (ribbons, lanyards, boxes, etc.)

Once we receive this information, you will receive the price quote within 1 working day. Once you approve the price, the graphic design will be sent within 24 hours.

* production time is determined by the complexity of the design and the quantity of products requested.

While placing an order, please provide the data of the buyers/payer (full name, address, VAT identification number).

Once you confirm the graphic design and make a down payment, we start the production process.

3Can I order only one medal?

There is no minimum order quantity required. You can order even one medal.

4How long does it take to receive my order?

We prepare graphic designs within 1-2 working days. Once you confirm the graphic design, we fulfill the order within 7 working days (in case of more complex order or several thousand products, the terms are given individually). The time of order fulfillment can be speed up if you work in close collaboration with us during preparation of a graphic design (regular contact, precise identification and defining of your needs, specific indications, specific text, logo – information that should appear on the medal etc.)

5Can I receive an order faster than within standard time limit?

There is possibility of express order fulfillment. In such case you will receive an order within 5 working days.

6Is an express order fulfillment more expensive? Are there any specific requirements?

Express order fulfillments are more expensive. Price quote is provided individually. We do not have any specific requirements.

7Will I receive any discount for large orders?

For any order of 100 pieces or more, we offer FREE graphic design and manufacturing preparation, therefore you save up to 50 GBP! In case of large orders, discounts are given individually. If you are planning to place more orders for your events, inform us about it! It will influence the price of the products.

8Can I cancel the order?

Once you confirm the graphic design, you cannot cancel the order.

9Can I change my order?

Once the graphic design is confirmed and we start the production process, you can only order bigger amount of products.

10Can I receive an invoice along with the products?

Yes, invoices are sent along with the order.

11How long do I have to wait for an answer if I send an enquiry at contact@medals24.com?

You will receive an offer / answer within 1 working day.


1How much does the mould cost?

We do not use any moulds. Our technology does not require the usage of mould. In order to find out more, please read the article:

Additional costs include manufacturing preparation. For the order of less than 100 pcs. - 40 GBP, and for more than 100 pcs. - FREE OF CHARGE.

2Can I order a prototype before we start the production?

If you want to check the quality and visual effect, you can order a prototype. For orders of 1000 pieces or more, you will receive a free prototype. For the smaller orders, the costs will be influenced by the complexity of the design and the quantity.

3I have no idea how my medal could look like. Do you have any gallery of your products?

We have the biggest online gallery of medals. You can see our medals on: http://socialhub.modernforms.eu/medals You can take inspiration from our gallery or pick a specific medal, and we will adapt it to your needs.

4Can I order personalised medals?

Yes, we produce personalised medals in many ways. To find out more click on the link below: https://medals24.com/many-ways-of-personalisation/

5Do you have diecast or pressed medals?

We do not have in our offer diecast or pressed medals. Our medals are different – check our offer of original metal medals http://socialhub.modernforms.eu/medals/metal-medals Medals in such technology are competition for diecast or pressed products.

6Do you have stock medals?

We do not have stock medals. Each of our product is custom-made.

7What are the materials of the medals?

Our medals are made of metal, plexiglas, laminate, plywood. We could combine them freely if you wish.

8Does the medal come with a neck ribbon?

Our medals can come with a neck ribbon. We offer satin ribbons with a width of 25 mm and sublimated ribbon (customised) – width: 10 mm – 50 mm. In case of the sublimated ribbons, there is possibility to print any logotype, graphic element etc. The minimum order quantity is 55 pieces.

9Is it possible to order neck ribbon with printing?

We have in our offer sublimated ribbons.

10Can I put a logotype, picture or photo on the medal?

Yes, there is possibility to print such elements, however, in order to guarantee the best quality, they should be sent in high resolution or vector file.

11How can you decorate medals?

Medals made of metal are decorated with UV printing – full colour. Other medals made of plexiglass, laminate or plywood can be engraved.

12Do you have in your offer other gadgets?

Apart from medals, we are the producers of original trophies and cups http://socialhub.modernforms.eu/awards-trophies as well as modern bottle openers http://socialhub.modernforms.eu/bottle-openers.

13Does the shape of medals influence the price?

Size and shape have an impact on the final price. Irregularly shaped medals and with lots of openworks are more expensive.

14Can I receive the pricing by telephone?

An initial quotation can be provided during the telephone conversation. However, the final pricing is provided and confirmed by an e-mail.

15Can I receive a catalogue with your products?

We highly recommend to browse our ONLINE version of catalogue: https://modernforms.eu/catalog/

If you want to receive a paper version, please send us an e-mail contact@medals24.com with a title: CATALOGUE ORDERING, and providing delivery address in the message.

16Can I receive some samples?

Yes, we can send you samples of medals. In order to receive them, please write an e-mail: contact@medals24.com with a title: SAMPLE ORDERING, and providing delivery address in the message.

17Do you use the services of any subcontractors?

No, we do not recourse to subcontracting. We produce medals in our production department. Find out more why it is so beneficial: https://medals24.com/polish-producer-of-modern-medals/


1Do you prepare graphic designs/layouts?

Our specialised team of graphic designers will prepare your dream medal. If you have an initial idea, send us information about your medal, such as drawing, photograph and description as well as text, logos etc.

2How many colours can I use in my design?

The number of colours is unlimited and does not influence the final price.

3Can I send you ready-made design?

Yes, you can. Please, send us vector files. Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW (up to X6 version) are preferable.

4How much is design?

If you order less than 100 pieces of medals, there is additional fee that amounts to 12 GBP. For any order of 100 pieces or more, we offer FREE graphic. Please, note that there are available only 3 free remarks. More remarks are payable – 5 GBP each.

5Can I modify a design?

Yes, you can change the design. 3 remarks are included in the price. More are payable – 5 GBP each.


1How long does it take to receive my medals?

Time of delivery depends on the country. Usually it takes about 2-5 working days (once a parcel left our company). Once your order will be sent you will receive a tracking number in order to track you order.

2How much does it cost?

The cost of the shipping is priced individually.

3Do you send orders at weekends?

No, we don't. We send them only on working days.

4What transport modes do you offer?

We are using the services of courier company. In case of large orders we offer special shipping.


1What payment methods are available?

There is need to make full down payment.

2How do I pay for my order?

Please, make the down payment using the following information:

In case of GBP:

PL 87 8642 1126 2012 1146 6208 0003 SWIFT: POLUPLPR
MODERN FORMS Sp. z o.o. Dobrzechów 446B, 38-100 Strzyżów

In case of EURO:

PL 39 2490 0005 0000 4600 2977 3486 SWIFT: ALBPPLPW MODERN FORMS Sp. z o.o. Dobrzechów 446B, 38-100 Strzyżów

3In which currencies can I pay?

You may pay in GBP or EURO.

4Is it possible to order medals with deferred payment?

No, it is not possible to order medals with deferred payment. There is need to make full down payment.

5Do you accept C.O.D. (cash on delivery)?

We do not offer such payment method.


1What if my order will be damaged or different from the design that I have already confirmed?

In case of any damages or if you receive medal different from the confirmed design, we will find a satisfying solution. All necessary information about complaint processing you will find here: https://medals24.com/complaints/


1Can I return or exchange medals?

Given that the medals are customised and personalised, they cannot be returned or exchanged – according to the relevant regulatory requirements: https://medals24.com/complaints/