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Production of medals

Medals for your event

individual design, solid workmanship


Medals for your event

Medals for your event

individual design, solid workmanship



Medals from Poland


    We produce custom medals in any shape and colour. We use a spatially textured UV print, the texture of which you can feel under your fingertips. In our company you may also order medals with engraving, e.g. made of plywood.


    We design and adapt the medals to the nature of the event. You can order medals from us for sports, business and commemorative events. Each medal can be personalised with a matching printed ribbon.


    We creatively combine different materials in the production of medals. We manufacture metal medals with UV colourful printing, and also medals made of plexiglass, brushed, black and mirrored steel. In our offer you can find medals made from plywood or thick cardboard - eco medals.

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Medals in sets

Set of commemorative

Are you organising a gala or industry event? Design awards and commemorative gadgets with us. Let’s create company medals and trophies or promotional gadgets (bottle openers, keyrings or pins). Talk to Customer Consultant about sets of awards.

Set of sports

Tell us what you need and order awards for your sporting events in one place. Medals and trophies for the winners, and keyrings or bottle openers for the participants and fans. Ask your sales specialist for the set offer.

Customised medals

Unique product

We are a European manufacturer of commemorative medals for championships and sporting events, such as cycling competition or judo, gymnastics, golf, handball, tennis and table tennis. We were the first to introduce the method of UV printing with spatial texturing, offering our customers unique medals with 3D effect. We produce medals in any shape and colour. We use various materials - from metal medals to eco-friendly, such as made of plywood with engraving. We really like challenges, so you can order in our company unusual medals with rotating elements or glowing in the dark - perfect for night runs.

Express production

We fulfil the order for medals within 7 working days. You will receive a quote within 24 hours since you sent us the inquiry. Simple medals designs are prepared by our graphic designers team in another 24 hours. In case of more complex ones, you will have to wait a little longer. Once the proposal is confirmed, we will start the production process. The finished medals will be delivered to you within a few days. Remember that you can always order another batch of sports or commemorative awards even a few days before the event.

Sales Specialist of the order

An individual sales specialist is assigned to each medal order. This person takes care of your order comprehensively - from your first email, through medal design to production and dispatch. And even longer! Sales specialist prepares a quotation for you and ensures that your medals look exactly as you expect them to. We speak several languages: Polish, German, English and Italian. We send ordered medals to every corner of the world.

100% made in Poland

Medals and other awards are designed and produced in Poland using the materials from reliable local suppliers. We do not use ready-made patterns, layouts or semi-finished products. Our medals are customised - this means that your medals are designed from the scratch and we produce them on our own machines. Thanks to this, our sales specialists can control the work at each stage of production. We do not sell ready-made medals. Each order is a completely new, specially prepared product according to your needs. You will not find similar medals in any other shop.