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Production of medals

How to order

1. View our most recent products and inspire during the creation of your dream award.

2. Call us and the sales representative will answer your questions +48 798 873 873

If you prefer email contact write to us or fill out the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible, no later than the next business day.

3. First, prepare some figures to speed up :)

We need:

  • estimated quantity of products,
  • graphic elements (logos,texts, data),
  • additional elements (ribbons, lanyards, tapes, boxes, cases),
  • design inspiration from our catalog or your dream idea. 

If you have an ongoing project, that’s great! However, don’t worry – we are always ready to help and together we will think on how to create the award especially for you :)

4. Once we have received all necessary information, an individual of our company will send a graphic design within 24 hours to your email address.

5. After accepting the project and price, we will ask you to send the details for the invoice.

6. As soon as the payment is made, we will start the production process and your unique idea will turn into a real product :)

7. You will receive an email from us, once the production process is completed – usually it takes 5 business days. Although the exact time of completing your order depends on complexity and quantity of the project.

8. We will send you the dispatch confirmation and you can wait for the delivery of your dream awards :)