How to order

Pricing / Quote:

In order to receive a quote as soon as possible, we need some basic information from you to determine the final price:

  • Contact details (e-mail, phone no.).
  • Size of the order.
  • Information about the medals (description, photo, or drawing) and any graphic elements you want to.
  • Incorporate (such as text, logotypes, photos, names, etc.).
  • Additional elements (ribbons, lanyards, boxes, etc.).

Once we receive this information, you will receive the price quote within 1 working day.

Once you approve the price, the graphic design will be sent within 24 hours.


In order to receive a quote as soon as possible we need some information to fulfill the order:

  • The data of the buyers/payer.
  • Once you confirm the graphic design and make a down payment, we start the production process.
  • The order is fulfilled within 7 working days*.
  • The order is sent within 24 hours of product completion.

* Production time is determined by the complexity of the design and the quantity of products requested.


Your order will be sent within 24 hours once the production process is complete.