3,000 original sports medals for Active Bydgoszcz

Metal medals Bydgoszcz Birthday Run 2018

We have provided Active Bydgoszcz with 3,000 original sports medals (1,500 for Bydgoszcz Birthday Run and 1,500 for Bydgoszcz Independence Run). Modern medals delight with their simple form with subtle cutouts (as decorations), robust steel (increasing the prestige of the medal in the eyes of the competitors) and execution precision. We take care of every single detail, as usual.

Handing out medals. Bydgoszcz Independance Run

Source: https://www.facebook.com/aktywnabydgoszczpl

Metal medals Bydgoszcz Birthday Run 2018

Source: https://www.facebook.com/aktywnabydgoszczpl

Source: https://www.facebook.com/aktywnabydgoszczpl

Medals for the Bydgoszcz Birthday Run are now given! This is the time for the Bydgoszcz Independence Run – and we can already reveal that there will be something to run for

Celebration of city rights granted to Bydgoszcz took place in the best of styles, as a sports even, and with our original medals. Great atmosphere, sports competition full of emotions, picturesque route, running families, seniors, guests from the region and modern sports medals at the finish line – thanks to which this Birthday Run will be remembered forever.

We are glad that our sports medals have graced such an important event yet again. This time, they have become a part of the biggest Active Bydgoszcz run ever.

Medals for the Independence Run will be equally exciting. The organiser already has the medals despite the fact that there are still a few months to go. How do they look like? This is a surprise, we can only reveal that they will be well worth it to traverse the most difficult route in tears, sweat and with aching muscles. The smile when you look at them will compensate for it all.

Why do we write about this? We want to excite curiosity, to motivate along the route… But not only

We want you to know that our offer of sports medals is perfectly tailored to your needs and provides a range of benefits for the organiser of these runs. How does it work?

  • Are you planning more events during the year? Not only sports events?
  • Will they take place at various time intervals?
  • Do you need medals for many events throughout the year?

Remember that you can receive an attractive discount in such situations. We follow the simple rule with our offer: ORDER MORE, PAY LESS! Use this to your advantage.

  • Plan in advance.
  • Do not order medals every few weeks/months, order a few events in advance (you can save a lot then).

How to obtain a better price?

This is very simple. You have two options (with lower price in each of the options).

  • Order all medals for the planned events at once.
  • Declare your intention to order medals for subsequent, specific events with us.
  • Deklarujesz, że na kolejne konkretne imprezy będziesz u nas zamawiał medale.
  • Inform us about your selected option. Write or call us at https://medals24.com/contact/

When ordering over 500 medals, the offer is tailored individually, taking into account attractive discounts and freebies.

When ordering over 100 medals, manufactury preparation and graphical design are FREE. Save 65 €!

And here are our original sports medals

Sports medals have a very modern design, dominated by simple form, subdued colors, but there is no limitation for impressive decorations. Minimalism has been balanced thanks to the use of decorative openwork.

Type: Two-sided sport medals
Size: diameter (70 mm), thickness (3 mm).
Material: brushed steel.
Finishing/decor: open works.
Ribbon: with printing, width: 20 mm, length: 900 mm.

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Metal medals Bydgoszcz Birthday Run 2018

Metal medals Bydgoszcz Birthday Run 2018

Source: https://www.facebook.com/aktywnabydgoszczpl


Source: https://www.facebook.com/aktywnabydgoszczpl


Medals Active Bydgoszcz - 2018

Source: https://www.facebook.com/aktywnabydgoszczpl