Custom-made medals – partial purchasing available.

Medals for Central Europe Open Medals

Organisation of events is connected with high costs including awards for the winners and all participants. Trophies or sport medals are souvenirs for many years. That is the reason why the organisers know that they shouldn’t scrimp on awards. If medals or trophies are personalised and unique, they attract people to the further events.

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Ordering of medals for competitions is associating with costs that could be reduced. If you order more medals than you actually need, some financial losses can occur. On the other hand, if there is too small quantity, an organiser have to face up with problems during award ceremony. That is why, you should order medals in Modern Forms. There is possibility of partial purchasing. Why is it so beneficial? An organiser will make sure that everyone receive its award, without spending too much money.

Sport medals - Bieg Souvre

Partial purchasing in Modern Forms

An organiser of any sport event has to order a particular quantity of medals. Usually, they place an order in advance and don’t know the final number of participants.

Modern Forms has a solution – partial purchasing.

First and foremost, organisers have the opportunity to order additional quantity of medals just right before an event (evan 4 days before), or even when it’s finished.

Why partial purchasing?

  • You don’t have to worry that you are running out of medals.
  • You avoid financial losses.
  • You can order additional quantity of medals when the competitions are finished.

How to order?

It is simple and do not include any additional costs – there are three steps.

Partial purchasing – information

Custom-made medals – partial purchasing available – infographic

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