No minimum order quantity – you can order even one medal

Modern Forms Medals - Polish Open Warsaw Cup

We can provide you with medals produced not only for mass events which are characterised by the order of bigger quantity of medals. Our offer is also prepared for clients who would like to buy small quantity of medals.

What makes us different is a single custom-made medal

Quite often, there are special situations in which you would like to award someone by commemorative medal for a small number of people or even only one person.

Flexible orders in Modern Forms – without limits

You can order small quantities of medals on every occasion. We will fulfill your order for any occasions – sport competitions, company events, tournaments or for children.
This is no problem for us. There is no minimum order quantity. Even the low volume order is important for us. What is more, each single medal is manufactured in a high quality providing originality and resistance.
We do not differentiate our customers regarding the volume of order. Each client is important for us.
Iron Man Vichy France medal

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