Full-colour medals – originality expressed by colours

Medals in any colour

Innovative solutions: unique shapes, the combination of various materials, original printing or unusual mixture of colours can make the medal impressive. Moreover, the event will long be remembered by the participants. According to the psychologists, crucial factor to keep the attention of the observer is the appeal degree of the stimulus. The more attractive it is, the longer the recipient is interested. We do our best to make our designs unique, so it can acts as a strong incentive. In our opinion, colours are powerful.

Modern Forms colourful medals offer

Each medal can be colourful

Colourfull medals, without any limit, with any graphic. Each medal can be colourful – no matter which material will be used. The full-colour printing can be found on medals made of plexiglass, engraved laminate, plywood or even metal. Every time, the quality of graphic is great. Colourful medals for children, athletes, workers, artists. For everyone and for any occasion.

Place order for medals in any colour or ask us a questions, we will propose original mixture of colours: https://medals24.com/contact/

One or double-sided medals

Colourful graphic can be placed on both sided of the medal. On eash side the graphic can be totally different.

Medals with any graphic

According to our customer wishes we can produce one or thousand pieces of medals with logotype or personalised with the photograph of the athlete on each. What is more, medal can have any colourful graphic (logotype, photo etc.). Moreover, it can be placed on the whole medal or only at the part of it to be a decorative element.

Colourful medals with matched neck ribbon

Each medal can go with colour-matched and double-sided ribbon with printing (tailored to the medal). Rribbons are available in any colour and can have the same graphic element like medal.

The gallery of colourful medals

The gallery of medals is a only a foretaste of what you can see in our whole collection. You can expect the explosion of colours, and original mixtures – just visit our website: http://socialhub.modernforms.eu/

Let’s say it again – colours do not influence the price!

You order medal in one or many colours and pay the same amount of money. The number of colours does not influence the price. In case of die-cast medals there are usually available 3 colours in the given price (gold, silver and bronze). If you want more colours, you will have to pay much more. Reduce colours and receive the unque effect!

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