Originality of full-colour medals

Colourful medals

Innovative solutions: unique shapes, combination of materials, engraving or the mixture of colours can impress participants of sport events. According to researchers, the more attractive an item is, the longer people pay attention to it. We are trying to produce medals that will be attractive to others.

Colours without limits, personalisation of commemorative medals

One or multi-colour medals:

  •  White and grey colours.
  • Vivid colours (red, pink, green).
  • Monochromatic medals (one-colour) or mosaic of colours (any mixture of colours).
  • Contrasting colours (black-and-white medals).
  • Full-colour medals for children.
  • Medals in patriotic colours.
  • Medals coherent with the corporate identity.
  • Sport medals in bronze, silver and gold colour.

We will fulfill the order of medals in colours chosen by you, or proposed by us  https://medals24.com/contact/

Personalised colourful medals

Each medal can be colourful

Colourful medals without any limits, with any graphic. Each medal can be colourful, regardless the material. Full-colour printing in medals made of plexiglass, engraving laminate, plywood, or steel. Each time the quality is good.

Colours do not influence the price

You can order single or multi-colour medals for the same price. The number of colours doesn’t influence the price. In the event of diecast medals, there are only 3 available colours (gold, silver and bronze). If you want more colours, you would pay much more.

Personalised colourful medals

Check out our commemorative, sport medals for children in various colours. http://socialhub.modernforms.eu/medals/

One or two-sided medals

Colourful graphics can be placed on one or each side of the medal. Both sided can be the same of completely different – just like you wish.

Colourful personalised medals

Medals with full-colour graphics

We can produce one medal with colourful logotype or a few thousands of medals with the photo of a participant. Medals can have any graphic (logos, photos etc.).

Colourful medals with coloured fitted ribbon

Each medals can go with coloured fitted ribbon and double-sided printed ribbon.