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Production of medals

Personalized sports face masks


Personalized sports face masks

While organizing races or any other events a lot of attention is given to the situation in which everyone feels special – not only the winners. The organizers care about all participants and reward them by commemorative medal, keyring or pin which also encourage to take up another challenge. Participate package is not just a t-shirt and a badge – it is a coherent set which is an award for the participation in an event. While preparing them take one step further – give participants protective sports face masks, which provide safety during the race and not only.

Except for medals, trophies and other sports gadgets we have something new for you that will fit into the athletes’ taste – reusable sports face masks. Such items will be a souvenir and expression of commitment to safety among sports community.

Ordering sports face masks:

  • you receive a practical gift, which can be used by everyone not only during the pandemic (face masks are perfect for winter workout, increased level of smog, polluted air or during the pollen season),
  • you maintain relationship with your community, despite isolation and the lack of direct contact,
  • you create positive atmosphere and strengthen positive emotions,
  • you encourage to be active and do workout – independently of the situation.

The competitions’ participants identify with their favourite events, therefore, they enthusiastically receive various kinds of practical gadgets which form to the nature of a particular event. Personalized face masks are the solution to their needs – they will be perfect for virtual events and during daily workouts and walks.

Colourful sports face masks for virtual events and… not only!

During pandemic the virtual events are organized to keep fit and to build community and awake positive emotions which are really important in this crisis situation.

Face masks which we can produce for you will be perfectly fitted to the nature of an event – they can have any colourful print – the name of an event, logotype of the sponsor, graphic, and even names of the participants!

The participants of sports events may receive them (as original and also practical addition to awards in participation package), as well the events related to national bank holidays or conferences (as a practical advertising gadget, e.g. with company’s logo. They are perfect for children in sports clubs – face masks as a gift will be suitable in every situation.

Check our products – sports face masks which are the complement to awards set for the events of our customers.


Quality in caring for safety

The aim of the face masks is to ensure the safety, therefore, they have to be safe! Face masks offered by our company are certified (both yarn and knitwear used in the production as well as the print are OEKO TEX certificated). Straps are made of the same knitwear (100% PES knit).

Appropriately selected fabric, soft and tough straps as well as non-toxic print are the basis – our face masks are safe for the skin, do not irritate it and do not cause any scrapes. They can be worn by people with sensitive skin and children.

The face masks are designed to perfectly fit your face and adjust to its shape. Stoppers enable us to fit the mask to your head (or to tie the straps together) – they do not drop while dynamic motion, so you do not have to adjust them or tie many times.

It is important that reusable face masks can be wet in the boiling water (in order to sterilize them) and are machine washable up to 60 °C. They are quick frying and used fabric reflects UV rays as well as ensure sufficient air circulation.


Order personalized sport face masks

Contact with us and let’s talk about your event. We will prepare for you face masks with any printing, produce original medals, keyring and other awards for participants adapted to any nature of the event. 

You can order awards set (which can consist of many various products, as well as face masks), which will be visually consistent – according to your guidelines.

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