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Production of medals

Polish producer of modern medals

Polish producer of metal medals

Medal is not only a single decoration but also a souvenir for a long time. As a result you want to make sure that this awards will be tough and original. You are afraid that the purchase of Chinese medals will not be satisfying as it is a risk of unreliability and low quality.


Modern Forms doesn’t copy designs that are already produced. This company has its own style and superior quality. As a result, our medals are more common in Poland and in other countries. Our design is a brand and Polish quality have attracted a wide audience.


Fast production

The production process takes place in our country, therefore, we have short periods of trade. Our sales representatives accept an order, the graphic designers prepare a draft and later production workers and machine operators start the manufacturing of medals (in our own production hall). We do not outsource the production to an external company. Our awards are made by us from the scratch. This is our success.


The production of medals takes only a few days


Usually the order is fulfilled within 7 working days.
An express service – up to 5 working days.


If you want to receive the medals within short period of time, order our medals.


Polish medals for patriotic celebrations


High quality standard

We do not import medals from China and we do not use their services. We use only proven materials. Our company is a Polish producer with a Polish product.

  • We use durable and aesthetic materials of Polish origin.
  • We produce our own, original products (this is not a mass production). Our custom-made awards are unique and combine the handicraft production with the original designs. As a result, our customers receive superior quality.
  • The quality of our products at a high level. We are investing in our machinery park and innovative technologies. As the first company in Poland we have 2 UV Printers Impala 2.  We have developed the technology of spatial texturing that enables us to produce thousands of medals within short period of time.
  • The quality of medals and materials used in their production is checked (due to the technical staff and R+D). The process of production can be improved by the ongoing observation and supervision.


Our Polish quality is visible. If you want to check it, visit our gallery of metal and plastic metals with spatially textured printing (with 3D effect).


Medals for sport Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics




Are you buying only Polish products? You are checking bar codes and looking for labelling on the packages. You want to support a domestic market and care for the quality that Chinese products cannot guarantee.


Go for the high quality products – order medals for the Polish company. Contact us


Remember! When you order medals in Modern Forms (Polish producer) you drive Polish economy and provide jobs. The capital is in our country.