Quick ordering of medals in Modern Forms

Express production with Modern Forms

If you forget to order medals due to the load of work or the company that you’ve picked cancel you order, we will help you. Don’t worry!

Time pressure? Relax, this is a routine for us.

An organization of an event is a complicated logistical effort. Notwithstanding the kind of an event. You can easily forget about obvious things due to the great deal of work. However, even if you forget about the awards for your event you have the possibility to order medals in our company.

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What distinguishes us from our competitors is the speed

The quick production of unique medals in original shape and form is not possible in the casting and press technology. Luckily, Modern Forms can help you. Our authorial technology of spatial texturing and modern machinery park enables us to produce medals or trophies within 7 working days from the moment when the design is approved and the order paid.

Do not wait – order medals today

If you don’t have medals for your event and you’re running out of time, contact us. Our team will help you and produce medals within short period of time.

Check how you can go through the ordering process: https://medals24.com/how-to-order/

If you want to order medals, contact us.https://medals24.com/contact/