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Production of medals

Remarkable medals for runners – some inspiration for a new season

running people in background, front round medals with running colourful woman

The running season has already started and every day you may find a new sports event in a calendar for running lovers. When they cross the finish line they are not only satisfied but also happy with the award – medal. Today, they are given not only to the winners but also to every participant. This is the symbol of effort and tenacity. Therefore, they cannot be unattractive – medals are a proverbial cherry on the cake of every race.

Organisers of events cannot imagine awards for the participants in the form of a usual die-case medals or with sticker. They want personalised products – medals created for a specific event, reflecting the nature of an event. What is more, customised medals are not more expensive than die-cast ones. Thanks to the modern m and cutting-edge technologies there is possibility to order event 1000 pcs. of medals, each with different names and personalised neck ribbons.

We have prepared something special – amazing and unique propositions of running medals.

Below you may find samples of our products which were given to the athletes throughout Poland! Colourful, in any shape with graphic elements reflecting the event as well as personalised ribbons.

Marathons, half marathons and ultramarathons – inspiring medals for runners

Lovely and original medals are considered as an award for participants, and also great way to promote the sports events. Every year in Poland there are lots of marathons, half marathons and other sports events. How to make it more appealing for the athletes and to become successful? It’s easy! Focus on unique and extraordinary personalised medals.

Check how our medals impress people!

Road and mountain running

Road running races are organised in every big city and in many smaller ones as well. This is a sport that integrates inhabitants. What is more, it is a great promotion for a town, so it is beneficial to buy medals with a crest of a specific building.

How about mountain running? This is a real treat for athletes that like challenges! Uneven and stony way requires more effort, and gives a huge satisfaction. There is nothing more motivating than scenic surroundings.

All medals for runners you can find in our gallery:


Unique medals for unique people – propositions for Charity Run

Running in a good cause is becoming more and more popular. They combine business with pleasure – the participants’ goal is to reach the finish line rapidly and to help the needy. Summing up, they help needy together and support them which is a great initiative – the satisfaction with the medal is doubled!

Unusual products for unusual events – medals for Night Run

Running at night? We say yes! We are taking part in such events, so it is easier for us to prepare medals for this sports competition – just check them out. Panorama view of the city or maybe a medal glowing in the dark?

Medals in honour – medals for patriotic run

Recently, sports events which are organised during important walks are more and more popular. Patriotic runs are considered to be a modern way of celebrating historical events and memory of deceased people.

Medals for children – a true explosion of colours

The production of medals for children is a real challenge for us! They should receive something more than just a simple award due to their will for fight, competitive skills and willingness to improve. We would like to feel like them when we are preparing a design for such events – carefree, creative and open-minded. The mixture of this traits results in a great power, therefore, all of our medals for children running competitions turned out to be a hit. What is more, the small participants were really happy!

Are you organising running competition? We will produce for you unique medals!

Your dreams will come true – we will create unusual and original medals for runners. They will be motivated to take part in your sports event! No matter what kind of the run it is – the medals will show the nature of an event!

Do you know that we offer something more?

  • The possibility of reordering – you can place an order for any amount / parts (it will depends on the participants who will sign up for the event). Thanks to this idea you will safe money as you do not order too many medals and you won’t disappoint them if there will be more runners than you expect.
  • As colourful medals as people at you event! The number of colours and the print area do not influence the price.
  • Several thousand of medals each with different name? Impossible? We have a modern machine park, therefore, such personalisation is not a problem for us and it do not extend the time of production.
  • You can buy medals even a few days prior to the event. Speed is our distinguishing feature – we can fulfill the order even up to 5 working days (once the design is confirmed and we receive the pre-payment).
  • Do you have a specific budget? This is not a problem – we have premium medals and also economical ones.

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