Reorder medals – reduce unnecessary costs

Ordering medals for competitions is connected with costs that are worth reducing, especially in case of big events. You are organising an event and expecting a risk – a purchase of too many medals can result in financial lost, but an order of too few pieces is considered as a disappointment, unsuccessful event. The best solution would be a safe reordering of medals. Owing to this, you will make sure that everyone is awarded and you do not bear unnecessary costs.

  • You do not have to worry that you order too few medals for participants who sign up just before the closure of registration.
  • You reduce the possibility of loss due to the purchase of too many medals.
  • You can reorder medals when the event is finished for participants who sign up at the last moment.

How reordering of medals
in Modern Forms goes?

Reorder medals – reduce unnecessary costs

Our customers appreciate the possibility of reordering

If you are not sure whether the offer of reordering is beneficial, check the following example.

Event: 6th Grand Prix Polska in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Start: 9th of March.
Purchase: one design, but different sies: medals for children – diameter: 7 cm, medals for adults – diameter: 9 cm.

First order – placed on 14th of February


  • 120 medals for children (30 gold, 30 silver, 60 bronze).

While ordering, our clients informed us about additional reordering:

„On the 26th of February in the morning you will receive the information how many medals will be reordered after the first registration, and later on the 2nd of March – the rest. If I manage to do this earlier, I will obviously contact with you”.

First reorder of medals – 26th of February

  • 50 medals for adults (20 gold, 20 silver, 10 bronze)
  • 70 medals for children (20 gold, 20 silver, 30 bronze)

Second reorder of medals – 1st of March

  • 37 medals for adults (11 gold, 11 silver, 15 bronze)
  • 59 medals for children (7 gold, 7 silver, 45 bronze)

At the end the opinion from our satisfied client

Reordering of medals by our clubs is caused by the fact that in the organisational statement we are providing two dates of registration in order to make it possible for “late comers” to sign up, and therefore, take part in the event.

Partial ordering is comfortable due to the following facts:
1. I am organising the events recurrenty, a few times during the year. As a result I expect a specific number of participants.
2. First part of medals I receive earlier and I can check them.
3. I do not burden you company too much (I guess :)) if I order medals earlier, so this is a good opportunity for everyone, because e.g. if something goes wrong, we can easily fix it. However, it didn’t happen.

Orders are not difficult – especially with Iwonka. We communicate easily, she is always nice, explain everything and she is just responsible person at the appropriate working position. It is visible that she likes it – therefore, please tell her that she will work in Modern until retirement 🙂

Partial purchasing is safe, espacially if it is hard to forsee the number of participants.

I recommend.


Ewelina Frankiewicz
Klub Walki Grappler

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