Spatial texturing – new technology of Modern Forms

Medals spatial texturing

Owing to dedicated efforts and creativity as well as ingenuity of our specialists from Research and Development Department (R+D) we have created a new technique that enables us to offer new quality.

Innovation in a new dimension – „made in Poland”

Spatial texturing is our authorial manufacturing technique enabling us to offer unique products being an innovative composition of any material and the new design.

Multidimensional combination of space, shape and colour

Our manufacturing process being a cutting-edge combination of human and material resources along with machine park is the major innovation of Spatial Texturing technology. As a result, we are able to offer a completely new quality of our products due to enhanced method of multilayered printing on different surfaces (metal, steel, wood, plastic etc.). Consequently, we receive an element with a 3D effect being a durable and personalised product in terms of shape and colouring.

Multidimensional combination of space, shape and colour

The effect is visible to the naked eye and “noticeable” to the touch. This technique gives us unlimited possibilities to create a unique design. Our technology enables us to print precise images, even the most detailed elements in terms of both stereotaxis and any colour palette due to the high resolution of print.

We stay ahead of the competition

Spatial texturing enables us to fulfill original, and demanding orders with the usage of “tough” materials of the low-adhesion surface (do not absorb the paint).

Extraordinary dimension of design and durability

Shape and colour aren’t everything. The main advantage of our technique is the guarantee of durability which is connected with the superior quality of products.

Our know-how enables us to offer durable spatially textured printing on unusual materials with complex physical-chemical properties. As a result, we produce personalised product protected against external as well as chemical and mechanical factors.

Moreover, we are constantly developing and enhancing our technology thanks to the new needs of our customers.

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