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Recently, the event industry and sports organizers have faced truly unprecedented challenges. The decision to postpone the events, months and years into the project, could not be easy, but it was necessary. In Modern Forms, we want to rise to the occasion and the challenge, which is why we would like to offer you our support, experience, and help.


During the last few days and weeks, our Customers have flooded us with news about postponed or even canceled events. Questions raised – how can we deal with this difficult situation? Today we feel that our motto: “We reward every effort” should be proven to you, even more than before. Your quick decision to put our common good above your own interest was a great display of empathy and flexibility. In these hard times we want to reward your effort and repay the favor
says Marta Onyszczuk, General Director Modern Forms


As a result of direct discussions and brainstorming sessions with you, our Trusted Partners and Customers (thank you so much for that!), we started to work on new solutions immediately. We are so glad to see that most of you don’t give up, creating a virtual version of your events (see example below) or continuing preparations with unspecified dates and details. As always with Modern Forms, the key to the entire proposal is a personal approach to your problems. We believe that tailoring the offer is the best way to go, especially right now, when the industry has to face previously unknown problems on a global scale.


We also want to assure you that Modern Forms is fully operational and – as always – at your disposal. We introduced appropriate procedures early on, thanks to which we were able to maintain uninterrupted operational readiness. Below you will find some examples – for the sake of inspiration.


  • Date modification – in this case, the project with the specific date was already approved. We proposed two solutions – modification of the date or preparation of an additional element, which allowed any date to be added later on.
  • No event date at all – a situation we face most frequently right now. We provided peace of mind and organizational readiness. With universal visual design and detailed guidelines ready at hand, we are ready to press the green button at any time.
  • Change the numbers at any time – no date, only estimated headcount, no organizational certainty – that means every penny counts. For the Customer, we have prepared a tailor-made design and produced rewards for the people already confirmed. At the same time, we guarantee the option to order the next batches in any numbers, even 10 business days before the event!
  • Virtual events – something truly awesome. We were at the advanced stage of the process, deadlines and designs already approved. Due to the situation, we created graphically modified, virtual design, so that it can be awarded during an online event. 


Once again, we encourage you to contact us and discuss the problems you have to face. We have the right technology, resources, and organizational structure, to jointly develop solutions that will be beneficial for the whole industry right now and in the future. Let us know what you need – together we can do more!

Best wishes and keep safe!

Modern Forms Brand