Many ways of personalisation

Personalised medals from Modern Forms

As an organiser of a sport or any event you want to make sure that everything is completed and correct. You are focusing on every detail as you want to make the event to be remembered. How can you do this? You won’t accomplish it, if the award is similar to the previous one. The participants won’t be surprised if the medals will be die cast or pressed. You can impress by awarding them with something unique. Modern Forms stay ahead of the competition by creating personalised medals in many ways.

Unlimited possibilities of personalisation – thousands of medals, each unique.


Personalised medals for XX Advertising Industry Conference IPMA


  • Medal is the culmination of an event. Each participant is waiting for this moment, therefore, it should be unique and commemorated by original medal. That is the reason why we pay attention to the personalisation and we extend its forms.
  • Each medal is unique, has original shape and engraving or print (e.g. first and last name), graphic element. They arouse the excitement and highlight the moment. The medal indicate that the moment is unique.


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Modern Forms is ahead of the competition

The manufacturers of die cast medals cannot offer you a few thousands personalised medals with the name of each participants due to noneconomic production costs. Modern Forms, thanks to our authorial technology, could produce such quantities of personalised medals in any shape, form and 3D effect – in a very short time. This is our advantage over producers of die cast medals.
Personalised medals - Andrés Iniesta


If you want to award the winners and participants of your event in such way – call or write us. We will present you the most convenient ways of personalisation.