Touch Avoider – multifunctional keyring for your safety

Touch Avoider – multifunctional keyring for your safety

What is a touch avoider? This is a small gadget (e.g. in the form of a keyring), which you should carry everywhere you go – it enables you to open the door, get cash from the ATM, enter the pin code in the payment terminal and many more without touching the surfaces with millions of bacteria and viruses.

Do you know that when you use public touch screens and keypads necessary to operate various devices (e.g. ATM, machines used to issue numbers in offices or clinics) your hands touch millions of different germs, such as bacteria or viruses.

However, when you have the touch avoider you can easily visit public venues without concern about your safety – you can use it to push the button at pedestrian crossing or open the door. It is small so you can fit it in your wallet, bag or pocket. Moreover, the touch avoiders can be in the form of a keyring – you may attach it to your keys and keep with you at all times.




eyring – touch avoider

Why should you have it?

  • You may use all of the devices with keypads and screens without touching by hand their dirty surfaces.
  • You can open the door in the public venues.
  • You will avoid touching by hand buttons in the elevators (shopping malls, hotels, block of flats).
  • You can easily do the shopping and do not have to touch the handles of the trolleys.
  • It is made of steel – the surface is easy to clean and disinfect (you can put it into the boiling water).

Functional keychain



Practical touch avoider as an advertising gadget

Touch avoider is the product which was created to improve safety, but not only – this is a gadget that you can present your friends or customers as a practical advertising gift. We may prepare a design according to your guidelines – put any logo, graphic and text on it. We will create for you original gadgets that can be used as ideal advertising tool – your customers, contractors or employees will use it on a daily basis.

Personalized touch avoiders will be ideal as the awards for the participants of sports or any other events. They provide alternatives to medals which are given for each athletes.

Touch avoider is an interesting gadget that will attract customers and contractors. It may be with company’s logo, graphic connected to your business – this is a unique alternative to traditional advertising gifts.

Personalized advertising gadgets – touch avoiders:

  • They are useful on a daily basis – such gifts work best.
  • They are small (you can carry them everywhere you go and put in your wallet, bag or on your key chain). They also attract by the design and form.
  • Enjoy full freedom of the design – full personalization is the guarantee of uniqueness.
  • They may be in many forms: keyring or bottle opener.
  • They are original, unique and draw the attention.



We will do much more for you!

  • Free graphic design and full personalization – according to your comments and needs.
  • Possibility to produce a prototype – we can produce a prototype for you which can be sent by shipping company or if you want to see it earlier – we can send you a photo. 
  • Fast lead time – from 5 to 7 working days + time of delivery (our touch avoiders are laser cut).
  • Any colour and graphic – UV print gives us unlimited possibilities – we can propose any colour and personalization.
  • Support of our advisors and designers – our experienced team is at your disposal.
  • Affordable prices – the offer will meet your needs.

When you buy our products, you support national economy – we are Polish company and use the materials from Polish producers!

Would you like to order touch avoiders for your company as a practical advertising gadget?

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