Sport medals by category

Medals by category from Modern Forms

You are organising a large or small sport event and you will need 500 pcs. or 50 pcs. of medals. However, there will be some categories, such as OPEN, age category and others (senior or junior player). You can believe that such variety of categories includes high costs of production and long terms. You are wrong! Our authorial technology enables us to fulfill such orders in short period of time and without spending much money.

Medals by category – an offer description

We create sports medals in every category. For example:

  • Medals for first, second or third place and for every participant.
  • Medals for men and women
  • Medals in age category (junior, senior etc.)
  • Medals in weight category (martial arts).
  • Medals in sport categories (e.g. swimming competitions – women, cycling – men etc.)
  • Medal with the date of an event.

Sport medals from Modern Forms by category

One sport, but many categories – order sport medals in a particular shape, but with various text (adapted to each category). Many sports, but one event – order medals by many categories.
We are offering unlimited possibilities of personalisation. Medals could have many categories and name of each participant.

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Medals by category – high cost and long time of production?

Absolutely not! Our authorial technology is an answer to high costs and long time of production.

Would you like to order diecast medals by category, but the cost was too high? Are you afraid of such costs? Our technology enables us to produce medals fast and offer affordable prices compared to die cast medals.

In one order you will receive medals with many categories in affordable prices. Find out more about production time:

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